About The Lunch Box Project and The Food, Family, Farming Foundation


The Milestones

Food Family Farming Foundation has been in fast-forward mode since its inception in 2009. Whole Foods Market shoppers truly led the charge to help us change school food by supporting the design and build out of The Lunch Box web portal with the earlier support of The Kellogg Foundation, Orfalea Foundations, The Colorado Health Foundation, Compton Foundation and Children’s Health Foundation. Since then Chipotle and Barbara’s Bakery and others have also joined in this effort to bring all the resources and opportunities for change in school food that has been happening and continues to grow to one place on the web.  We are working to enrich the user experience on The Lunch Box by providing more tools for change including procurement and commodity tools, more budgeting and accounting tools, self-assessment tools and more equipment grants to districts across the country that need to jump start change. 


The Lunch Box Test Site with recipes launched 2009

The Kellogg Foundation funded The Lunch Box concept for feasibility in June 2008 with support of Chez Panisse Foundation and the concept was tested with professionals around the country leading to more funding and the launch of the test site.

Whole Foods Market School Food Revolution Campaign – Back to School 2009

Whole Foods shoppers raised $740,000 to support the design and build of The Lunch Box web portal to accelerate access to needs of parents, students and school personnel around the importance of improving access to wholesome healthy food at school.

Food Family Farming Foundation launches The Lunch Box - August 2010

The Lunch Box - Healthy Tools to Help All Schools goes live!!

Great American Salad Bar Project - Salad Bar Grants – Back to School 2010

F3 partnered with Whole Foods Markets again to offer salad bar equipment grants to schools across the country located in 36 states.  Whole Foods customers donated over $1.4 million to the effort and salad bars were shipped to 564 schools

The “first step” that Food Family Farming Foundation so often emphasizes is FRESH!  What is the most expedient way to bring that to the student lunch?   Salad Bars!  With 31.6 million children eating school lunch in United States the impact of incorporating salad bars as part of the reimbursable meal is huge. 

Let’s Move Salad Bars is established – December 2010

The White House takes notice – Food Family Farming Foundation and Whole Foods Markets partner with the National Fruit and Vegetable Alliance and United Fresh Produce Marketing Association to bring 6000 salad bars to the nation’s schools by December 2013.

The Lunch Box add a Salad Bar resource page to house the tools and develops how-to videos and guides to help schools plan and implement their salad bar launches.

The Lunch Box incorporates tutorials throughout the website – April 2011

Food Family Family Foundation filmed over 20 tutorial videos which are placed throughout the pages of The Lunch Box to improve the user experience.  Each short video gives the audience a step- by- step how-to for the particular tool or information available in that location of the website..