Salad Bar

Salad Bar Procedures

The simple one-page how to - perfect for training.

Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program (Revised Memo)

This revision includes updates based on the revised nutrition standards for school meals and includes questions and answers.

Frozen Local: Strategies for Freezing Locally Grown Produce for the K-12 Marketplace

Many schools are now looking for ways to extend their Farm to School programs beyond the season for locally grown fresh produce. One avenue for engaging in Farm to School year round is preserving the local bounty through innovative strategies for freezing fruits and vegetables grown nearby.

Iowa Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Bar Guide

Fruit and vegetable bars have the potential to improve nutrition and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes and assist schools in meeting the new meal pattern requirements set forth in the Healthy, Hunger-free Kids Act. In addition, fruit and vegetable bars may lower plate waste in school food service programs, increase participation, and are a great way to introduce the Farm to School initiative in the school meals. Utilize this guide as a resource when implementing fruit and vegetable bars in your district.

A Field Guide To Salad Bars In Schools - MN

A Field Guide To Salad Bars In Schools offers a one-stop guide for schools offering this great lunch room program for their students.

Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools: A Public–Private Partnership To Increase Student Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Few school-age youth consume the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, and increasing fruit and vegetable intake in children and adolescents is an important public health goal to maintain long-term good health and to decrease risk of chronic disease and obesity. School salad bars are an important tool to promote fruit and vegetable consumption among schoolchildren. Studies show that introduction of school salad bars increases the amount and variety of fruits and vegetables consumed by children in schools.

Cincinnati Public Schools – Livin’ on the Vedge

Salad bars in schools…it’s a hot marketing trend, a focus of positive media attention and a great way to increase the nutritional value of your meals. But what about equipment and produce costs? And extra labor hours? What about food safety? This power point will debunk popular salad bar myths and show you how you can safely and effectively have a salad bar in every school.

Salad Bars - The Lunch Box Guide

This guide addresses the many areas that districts and schools need to address when considering adding salad bars to their reimbursable meal programs. Areas covered include equipment selection, regulations, purchasing, recipe development, training, marketing and student interface. The guide also links to all the individual salad bar resources and videos on The Lunch Box so it's our one-stop shop for salad bar information!

Oakland Unified School District Salad Bar Program Research Study

This 2008 study details the impact of salad bars at five schools in the Oakland (CA) Unified School District (OUSD). The purpose of the study was to document and assess the various methods each school adopted to introduce, manage and sustain their school salad bar. Five schools (two elementary, three middle) participated in the study. Issues addressed in the five case studies include implementation, training, formal and informal nutrition education, role of parent and student volunteers, peer education, food security, and funding.

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