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Welcome to our Community Section – home of our Blog, Heroes, News, AdvocacyMap and Lunchroom discussions. The Lunchroom Section has a Facebook-style format where all visitors can have both private and public discussions about healthy school food. We know school administrators, parents, nutrition professionals and even students all need a place for open discussion and dialogue, where questions can be safely asked and answered so we can all truly learn from each other. Let the conversation begin!

From the Blog

State of the School Lunch

By Michele Battiste This regular column – inspired by Chef Ann Cooper’s “State of School Lunch” address – will explore current issues, legislation, and advocacy... More

Lunch Box Heroes

F3 Alum - Sunny Young

By Elyse Wood School District: Oxford School District How Many Schools? Six How Many Kids Served? 4,009 Kid’s Favorite Local Fruit/Vegetable: Watermelon and cucumbers Favorite Lunch Box Tools... More