Exciting Announcement from the Food Family Farming Foundation!


Exciting Announcement from the Food Family Farming Foundation!

The Food Family Farming Foundation is excited to announce that on Wednesday, February 1st we will launch our Healthy Breakfast 4 Kids Grant Program.

The grant will be open from February 1st to March 31st please submit your application soon to be included in this opportunity!

You can find the application along with more information here: http://www.foodfamilyfarming.org/html/grants.html


We hope you apply!

Ann Cooper, Board President & Beth Collins, Executive Director


For more information contact us at: breakfastgrant@foodfamilyfarming.org


The Healthy Breakfast 4 Kids Grant Program

The Healthy Breakfast-4-Kids (HB4K) goal is to create and improve access to breakfast in schools nationwide as a means to lessen the huge negative impact of hungry children across our nation. In 2012 Food Family Farming Foundation (F3) and Walmart Foundation are partnering to grant 117 $2500 equipment grants to rural high needs schools for the purpose of implementing universal breakfast in the classroom programs. Grant awardees will be able to order $2500 worth of food service smallwares or equipment for establishing universal breakfast programs via an online order with our partner Tundra Specialties. As part of the grant program, F3 will create universal breakfast implementation resources to be available to all schools via our program, The Lunch Box.