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April, 2012
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Are You a Renegade?
If you believe that all children should have nutritious, healthy food at school, then the answer is "yes!"  
Chef Ann Cooper is a renegade, too, and this past Monday, the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) recognized Chef Ann's pioneering efforts with their distinguished Humanitarian of the Year Award.  
Accepting the award on behalf of the Food Family Farming Foundation (F3) and all the members of The Lunch Box, Chef Ann said, "F3 works hard to ensure that every child - every day - has access to healthy, delicious food in school." 

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We can't do it alone. And we never did. School lunch reform takes the participation of parents, school administrators, food service professionals, advocates, and even the students themselves! Visit The Lunch Box today to discover why the IACP believes that our work is so important.  You'll find healthy, scalable recipes, menu planners, training tools, news you can use, and how to bring a salad bar or universal breakfast to your school!
Be a Renegade  
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Your contribution will help to:
  • put more fruits and vegetables onto the plates of more school children;
  • create universal breakfast programs in at-risk rural schools throughout the country; and 
  • provide "healthy tools for all schools" that will show them, step-by- step, how to transition from processed, ready-to-heat food to healthy, scratch-made meals!  
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