Ten days left to secure a 50% match for your contribution!


  Ten days left to secure a 50% match for your contribution!
Dear Friends and Supporters,


Your contribution can fund 50% more recipes on The Lunch Box, 50% more educational materials, 50% more training videos and advocacy tools and community outreach, but time is running out.    


F3 has until June 30 to raise $5,000 through our campaign Recipe for Healthy Kids. To help us reach our goal, F3's Board of Directors will provide a 50% match for your donation. That means your $30 donation is worth $45! A $100 donation is worth $150!  


Now is the time to support healthy school lunch for children. Diet-related illnesses are at an all-time high; one out of three children born in 2000 will get diabetes in their lifetime. But we can reverse that trend by improving school food across our nation. 


Over 30 million children eat school lunch each school day. Many eat their meals out of plastic wrappers, consuming the salt, sugar and fat that have made childhood obesity and diabetes national epidemics. By empowering schools to serve scratch-cooked meals prepared from fresh, delicious food that nourishes children, F3 is building healthy eating habits - and healthy people - for life.


The work we do is made possible with contributions from donors like you. F3 needs your support. We're a ways off from raising the $5,000 we need to meet our campaign challenge, but we have ten days left to meet our goal, and we can make it with your help! 


It's not too late to change children's eating habits today to ensure a healthier tomorrow. Please contribute today.


Warm regards,


Chef Ann Cooper                                                         Chef Beth Collins

President                                                                    Executive Director


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