Update: Check Out Our School Food Related Grant Database!

 Photo by: kitchengardens.org

Changing school food is not as easy as having will power and drive to do so, it also takes money! We here at www.thelunchbox.org know how hard it is to serve kids good, healthy, delicious foods in a cost effective way, which is why we provide all the tools and resources found on our site at no cost to you.

Included in the array of free resources is a list of school food related Grants, found here: http://www.thelunchbox.org/resources (click on “Grants” on the right side-bar)

Browse through these grants to see if there is some money offered that you could use!

We just added the following new grants to our database:

-          Subaru Healthy Sprouts Award

-          Mantis Tiller Award

-          2013 Youth Garden Grant Award


And of course, The Food Family Farming Foundation is offering up a Healthy Breakfast for Kids Grant! The deadline to apply has just been extended to September 15 and guidelines have broadened: http://www.foodfamilyfarming.org/html/grants.html


Good Luck!


TheLunchBox.org Crew