Carrots, Roasted

Desired Servings

Serving Sizes by WeightServing Sizes by VolumeServing Each
Elementary3 ozElementary12 TbspElementary6
Secondary3 ozSecondary12 TbspSecondary6
Recipe Total Yield
Volume6 gal, 1 qt
Weight25 lb
AnalysisMeat / Meat Alternate (oz)Grains / Breads (Servings)Vegetables / Fruits (Cups)
IngredientsInstructionAs PurchasedPrepped by WeightPrepped by VolumePrepped Each
Carrot, Whole53 lb50 lb11 gal
Vegetable Oil1 C7.6 oz1 C
Salt, Kosher2.5 oz2.5 oz4 Tbsp
Black Pepper, Ground0.5 oz0.5 oz2 Tbsp


  1. Wash carrots well, using a vegetable brush, trim ends as needed.
  2. Taste the carrot peel. If it is bitter, the carrots should be peeled. If not, peeling is not necessary.
  3. Note - this recipe calls for unpeeled carrots
  4. If carrots are very large, cut them in as-needed lengthwise before slicing.
  5. Cut the carrots diagonally into 1/2" thick slices using the slicer blade on a food processor.
  6. In an appropriate sized container, toss the carrots with the oil, salt and pepper. Do this in batches if needed.
  7. Spread the carrots out on parchment lined full sheet pans in one layer.
  8. Roast the carrots at 350 degrees until tender and browned (about 30 minutes).
  9. Pans may need to be rotated in the oven and carrots may need to be stirred to prevent burning.
  10. Transfer into 2-inch hotel pans and hold hot for service or cool according to HACCP SOP.
  11. Reheat, covered, in a 350 oven until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.

Serving Guidelines

Type of Pans Needed:2" Hotel Pan
Number of Pans Needed:4
Elementary Portions Per Pan:33
Secondary Portions Per Pan:33
Elementary Serving Utensil:6 oz. Spoodle
Secondary Serving Utensil:6 oz. Spoodle
Elementary Cost per Serving:$0.18
Secondary Cost per Serving:$0.18