Chicken, Spice Rub-1

Desired Servings

Serving Sizes by WeightServing Sizes by VolumeServing Each
Elementary4.2 ozElementaryN/AElementary1
Secondary6.7 ozSecondaryN/ASecondary1
Recipe Total Yield
Weight30.19 lb
AnalysisMeat / Meat Alternate (oz)Grains / Breads (Servings)Vegetables / Fruits (Cups)
IngredientsInstructionAs PurchasedPrepped by WeightPrepped by VolumePrepped Each
Chicken, 8-Cut Cooked thaw, see method30 lb30 lb
Spice Rub13.6 oz1 pt, 1 C


  1. Defrost chicken under refrigeration for 2 days prior to cooking.
  2. Sort all chicken by parts.
  3. Place in mixing vessel one type of part at a time, using gloved hands toss chicken with spice rub to coat evenly
  4. Place in parchment-lined 2.5-inch hotel pans to cook.
  5. Pieces per hotel pan: Wings - 20 Legs - 24 Thighs - 15 Breasts - 12
  6. Cook only same type of pieces together for even cooking.
  7. Cover pan tightly with parchment and foil and place in a preheated oven.
  8. Roast chicken in a 350 degree oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees (45-60 minutes).
  9. Using an instant read thermometer, test more than one piece per tray.
  10. Hold hot for service according to HACCP SOP.
  11. Elementary serving = 1/2 breast or 1 thigh or 1 leg and 1 wing or 2 wings Secondary serving = 1 breast or 1 leg and 1 thigh or 1 leg and 2 wings

Serving Guidelines

Type of Pans Needed:2.5" Hotel Pan
Number of Pans Needed:6
Elementary Portions Per Pan:19
Secondary Portions Per Pan:12
Elementary Serving Utensil:tongs
Secondary Serving Utensil:tongs