Pasta, Spaghetti

Serving Sizes by WeightServing Sizes by VolumeServing Each
Recipe Total Yield
Volume6 gal, 2 qt
Weight29 lb
AnalysisMeat / Meat Alternate (oz)Grains / Breads (Servings)Vegetables / Fruits (Cups)
IngredientsInstructionAs PurchasedPrepped by WeightPrepped by VolumePrepped Each
WATER100 lb12 gal, 2 qt
Pasta, Spaghetti12.5 lb12.5 lb
Vegetable Oil1 C8 oz1 C
Salt, Kosher15.6 oz15.6 oz1 C, 8.96 Tbsp


  1. Follow the ratio of 1 pound of pasta per gallon of water.
  2. Fill a tilt skillet, steam kettle, or large pot with cold water. Determine pasta batch amount based on water to pasta ratio.
  3. Bring water to a rolling boil.
  4. For each gallon of water, add 1/8 c. salt.
  5. Add measured pasta and stir to avoid clumping.
  6. Cook pasta to al dente (time will vary based on factors such as altitude).
  7. Scoop pasta out of the pot with a large strainer and place it in a colander to drain.
  8. Note: If cooking several batches, replenish the water and salt as needed, changing water when it becomes too starchy.
  9. Add just enough oil to coat the pasta and toss in the colander over a sheet pan.
  10. Spread pasta out on sheet pans (about 4 pounds will fit on a pan).
  11. Repeat with remaining pasta.
  12. Rack the sheet pans and cool in the walk in according to HACCP SOP.
  13. Store, covered, for use in another recipe.