Sandwich, Cheeseburger

Desired Servings

Serving Sizes by WeightServing Sizes by VolumeServing Each
Elementary3.3 ozElementaryN/AElementary1
Secondary3.3 ozSecondaryN/ASecondary1
Recipe Total Yield
AnalysisMeat / Meat Alternate (oz)Grains / Breads (Servings)Vegetables / Fruits (Cups)
IngredientsInstructionAs PurchasedPrepped by WeightPrepped by VolumePrepped Each
Beef Patty 3 oz raw18.75 lb18.75 lb
Bun, Burger Whole Grain1.8 oz or greater100 BUN (1)100
Cheese, Cheddar Sliced1 oz slices6.25 lb6.25 lb


  1. Thaw burgers under refrigeration for 2 days prior to cooking.
  2. Lay out burgers on parchment lined sheetpans 24 to a pan (4x6).
  3. Cook in a 350 degree oven until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees (approximately 15 minutes in a convection oven on high)
  4. Portion into 2.5-inch hotel pans.
  5. Cool according to HACCP SOP.
  6. Reheat, covered, in a 350 degree oven to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.
  7. Place one burger in a bun and top with a slice of cheese for service.

Serving Guidelines

Type of Pans Needed:2.5" Hotel Pan
Number of Pans Needed:2
Items Per Pan:50
Elementary Portions Per Pan:50
Secondary Portions Per Pan:50
Elementary Serving Utensil:tongs
Secondary Serving Utensil:tongs
Elementary Cost per Serving:$0.73
Secondary Cost per Serving:$0.73