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How to get More Plants into your School

More Plants Please! consists of two main resource areas for you to use in your school district to encourage more plant forward dishes at lunchtime: Recipes and Menu Cycles and Marketing and Promotional Materials. Together, these recipes, marketing materials, and resources provide what is needed to take the first steps towards a healthier student population and a healthier planet. 

Recipes and Menu Cycles 

We consider a recipe to be plant forward if it:

  • Is free of animal protein 
  • Is vegetarian 
  • Is a traditional meat-based recipe where some of the meat has been replaced with plant-based proteins that credit to the meal pattern

We compiled a complete list of the new recipes developed specifically for More Plants Please! in addition to existing plant forward recipes for you on the Recipes tab. These recipes include dishes like Chickpea Masala, Zucchini Boats, and Quinoa Burgers to introduce children to new and delicious menu items that help establish healthy eating habits with a positive environmental impact. These recipes are also combined to create six one-week plant forward menu cycles that still offer meat-based options but are focused on incorporating more fruits and vegetables, whole grains and plant-based proteins into meal programs. 

Promotional Materials: 

To encourage students to eat more plants and try more plant-based meals, download and print large (24 in x 36 in) wall posters to hang in classrooms, hallways, and the lunchroom. These posters highlight both the health benefits and the positive environmental impacts of eating more plant forward meals.

To cultivate a plant forward eating community in and out of school, download and print two flyers that explain what plant forward means, why it’s a healthier way to eat, and how to do it. The take-home flyer for families includes ideas for making one-bowl plant forward dinners to get the whole family eating less meat and more vegetables, and the flyer for staff encourages plant forward appreciation, action, and support amongst your school faculty and staff members.

To priovide the rationale behind eating more plant forward meals and to provide a greater understanding of its benefits, we compiled an annotated list of links to research and news articles for you on the Resources and Tools tab.

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