Our Lunch Box school meal calendars provide an educational bridge from school to home in a fun, flavorful way.  These full-color calendars include Harvest-of the-Month fruits and vegetables as well as easy recipes for home or classroom cooking. You can download and customize our calendar templates so your district may have an affordable and efficient vehicle to market the healthy foods your program is offering to your students.

To create a calendar for reproduction the user must have Adobe Acrobat (minimum Version 8).  Before editing, download the editable monthly template, the editable covers and artwork/recipe files you wish to use.  All the editable fields have been limited to a certain font size and character count to make them easy to type into.  

Once you have customized the covers and the months and decided on which artwork you wish to use, they can be sent to a print shop.   We recommend securing some of your food vendors to sponsor the cost of printing the calendars.