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The Lunch Box’s Resources section is the central library for all resource tools developed by The Lunch Box team and those shared by other School Food experts around the country. It is a wellspring of tools including evaluations, grant finding and writing tools, feasibility studies, case studies, Farm to School resources and more so you can consider and begin to take action to transform your school district’s food program from a highly processed to a scratch-cooking environment.
A New Health Care Prevention Agenda Sustainable Food Procurement
This article discusses the need to address the food system as a means to individual, public, and global health. Health care involvement is needed in policy and advocacy to solve the ecological health crises in our nation and globe.
A Nutritional and Environmental Perspective on School Meals
A paper analyzing current school meals in Baltimore and making suggestions for school meal reform based on child nutrition and the use of environmental resources. Includes a section on childhood obesity, school meals, environmental implications of current dietary patterns, and the case study in Baltimore with conclusions.
ABC's of Ecology from Ferry Beach Ecology School

Downloadable with purchase.
"Classroom teachers, home school educators, naturalists - anyone committed to teaching children about the world in which they live — will appreciate these 230 illustrated pages of activities with worksheets and plans for a single lesson or a broader ecology unit."

Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention Solving the Weight of the Nation

"Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention offers the following recommendations, strategies, and
action steps for implementation by key stakeholders and sectors that individually have positive
acceleration potential and that combined will create synergies that can further accelerate progress in
preventing obesity."
From The Institute of Medicine

Acres USA

North America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming.

Affordability and Obesity, Issues in the Multifunctionality of Agricultural-Food Systems
The article discusses the connections between affordability and obesity. In a Food Systems and Public Health conference, several outputs of agriculture and food systems were addressed, such as rural development, air and water pollution, and population health. A framework for combining these issues, known as multifunctionality, is also discussed.
Afterschool Meals Guide: is your program eligible? by FRAC (Food Resource & Action Center)

The Afterschool Meals Program is now available to programs across the country. FRAC is working to promote it and to help programs to determine their eligibility as well as to implement the program, reduce paperwork and administrative barriers, and increase participation.

Agriculture of the Middle

"This national initiative seeks to renew what is being called the “agriculture-of-the-middle.” This term refers to a disappearing sector of mid-scale farms/ranches and related agrifood enterprises that are unable to successfully market bulk commodities or sell food directly to consumers. Begun as a task force in 2003, the initiative is entering a development phase."

Agriculture Policy is Health Policy
This article addresses the Farm Bill and what it was originally intended to do. However, American farm policies have not done what they were meant to do and have instead impacted American health negatively. The article outlines three major public health issues that farm policies have affected.