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The Lunch Box’s Resources section is the central library for all resource tools developed by The Lunch Box team and those shared by other School Food experts around the country. It is a wellspring of tools including evaluations, grant finding and writing tools, feasibility studies, case studies, Farm to School resources and more so you can consider and begin to take action to transform your school district’s food program from a highly processed to a scratch-cooking environment.
Salad Bar Table Tent - Lettuce + 5

A sign for the top of your salad bar

Salad Bar Table Tent - Please use utensils and not your hands

A sign for the top of your salad bar

Salad Bar Table Tent - Take what you want, Eat what you take

A sign for the top of your salad bar

Salad Bar Temp Log Sample

This salad bar temperature log can be customized to fit any school’s salad bar configuration.

Salad Bars in Schools - from USDA recommendations for implementation

"A Food and Nutrition Service's (USDA) report found that most school-aged children did not eat the recommended number of daily servings for fruits and vegetables. Simply incorporating salad bars as part of school lunch has shown to increase fruit and vegetable consumption an average of 1.2 servings per student per day, according to research conducted by a team headed by Dr. Wendy Slusser, MD, MS at UCLA. Currently, only 21 percent of U.S. schools offer a salad bar at least once a week. Following are tips to help start a salad bar at your school."

Salad Bars in the National School Lunch Program (Revised Memo)

This revision includes updates based on the revised nutrition standards for school meals and includes questions and answers.

Sample Youth Farmers’ Market Order Form 2012

Students can use this sample form to fill in items, price, quantities, etc. in order to sell their produce.

Sample: Denver Youth Farmers’ Market Coalition Volunteer Contract

Use this sample contract to help make one for your Youth Farmers’ Market volunteers!

Garden to Cafeteria and Youth Farmers’ Market Resources brought to you by:

Slow Food Denver and Denver Urban Gardens Present:
Garden To Cafeteria & Youth Farmers’ Market Workshop
Adams County Fairgrounds, Al Lesser Building
9755 Henderson Road, Brighton, CO 80640
Feb 10, 2012, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Check out these links for more information:
Denver Urban Gardens' School Garden and Nutrition Curriculum
Slow Food Denver's Seed To Table School Food Program

Santa Cruz City School Food Service Assessment Executive Summary

Local Plates LLC was engaged by Santa Cruz City Schools, following an initial recommendation by
the District’s Wellness Committee, to conduct an assessment of the District’s food and nutrition
programs, with special focus on the Food Services Department. What follows are feasible
recommendations in order to assist the District in its goal of transforming from the current “heat‐
and‐serve” model to a program grounded in the practice of feeding fresh, whole foods to