Harvest of the Month

What is Harvest of the Month?

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) is an ongoing program that encourages students to become engaged in the importance of local food, seasonality, and sustainability. Each month, the district features a different fruit or vegetable that reflects the growing season in your state.

Understanding our agricultural footprint is vital to the future of our kids’ health and our planet. A school meal program incorporating a Harvest of the Month (HOTM) model creates multiple opportunities for students to experience and learn about local food. With HOTM as your school meal theme, nutrition education and marketing activities can educate students about seasonal, local, and healthy foods. In addition, HOTM programs can often lead to students taking lessons home, which supports both parents and kids in making healthy choices in their daily lives. Incorporating nutrition education and marketing tools such as HOTM tasting events, chef demonstrations, rainbow days, student art contests, Harvest of the Month collector cards, harvest festivals, farm visits, farmer’s market days, and school gardens are all part of a comprehensive Farm-to-School program. 

Start your Harvest of the Month planning by designating a featured fruit or vegetable for every month of the school year. We suggest incorporating these foods into your monthly menu so that kids can also experience the produce in a meal. Take advantage of our farm-to-school recipes and our Harvest of the Month collector cards, posters, and stickers to help develop your program.

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