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Case Studies from the Field

Project Produce - a former fruit and veggie granting program of the Chef Ann Foundation - was designed to create experiential nutrition education when and where students make their food choices: in the cafeteria. The program provides funds to support food costs to incorporate school-wide fruit and vegetable tastings into the school's nutrition program. These case studies highlight Project Produce grantees' including their project descriptions, successes, and challenges.

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  • New London Public Schools , New London, CT

    At all of the New London Public Schools benefiting from the Project Produce grant, scratch recipes were tested utilizing fresh produce as much as possible. Recipes were then offered as part of taste tests to the students throughout the cafeteria. Additionally, garden and nutrition lessons were performed throughout the classrooms....Read more

  • DC Public Schools , Washington, D.C.

    At DC Public Schools, Project Produce grant funds were used to purchase produce and other whole ingredients that, in addition to what was harvested from the school garden, students used to scratch-cook nutritious, produce-based recipes during their FoodPrints sessions. FoodPrints is a program that provides gardening and nutrition programming for...Read more

  • Malvern Public School District , Malvern, AR

    As a result of the Project Produce grant, students in grades 5 and 6 at Wilson Intermediate School in Malvern Public School District were involved in a project called "Getting Students Back to Their Roots: Vegetables.” Through this project, students were given the opportunity to sample fresh root vegetables that...Read more

  • Conway Public Schools , Conway, AR

    The Food Service Program for Conway Public Schools strives to make sure students are fed and nourished in order to learn. In addition to making sure the students are fed, Food Service Coordinator Maegan Brown wants to make sure students know where their food comes from and how it nourishes...Read more

  • Greenville County School District, Greenville, SC

    At Greenville County Schools, the Project Produce grant provided an opportunity to expose students to a variety of produce. Culinary Specialist at Greenville, Paula Wambeke, says they used the funds to procure locally grown Asian Pears, muscadines, gooseberries, Brussel Sprouts, Scratch-made hummus with red peppers, sweet potatoes, starfruit, pomegranates and...Read more

  • Au Gres-Sims Schools , Au Gres, MI

    Food Service Director Amanda Marthaler found the best way to get students involved in trying new produce in her district was through taste testing. Augres-Sims scheduled 6 different taste testings between September and November of 2019. The first taste test offered apples and blueberries with a yogurt fruit dip. The...Read more

  • Diamond Lake School District, Mundelein, IL

    As a food ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Lindsey Shifley brought personal passion to the Project Produce Grant programing at West Oak Middle School. Each month Ms. Shifley hosted “Chef’s Tasting Table” events in the cafeteria....Read more

  • DC Public School District, Washington, DC

    DC Public School District has been fortunate to work in partnership with FRESHFARM to incorporate a holistic healthy food education model through a program called FoodPrints. At thirteen elementary schools in the district, FoodPrints programing engages students in lessons on gardening, cooking, nutrition, and communal dining....Read more

  • Beaufort County Schools , Beaufort County, SC

    When Beaufort County schools received Project Produce Grants for ten of their elementary schools, they had an opportunity to expose a large number of young students to fresh fruits and vegetables. Each month, Director of Wellness Jessica Perez would orchestrate taste tests in the cafeteria. ...Read more

  • Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati, OH

    Each quarter during their Project Produce Grant period, Cincinnati Public Schools hosted a Cultural Celebration Day. They selected a variety of cultural celebrations, such as Dewali festival of lights, Lunar New Year, or Cinco de Mayo, and prepared cafeteria lunches specific to that culture’s cuisine. At the end of the...Read more

  • Beech Grove City Schools , Beech Grove, IN

    In a pursuit to familiarize students with an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, Beech Grove City School District held a weekly farmers market at three of their elementary schools in Beech Grove, Indiana. The markets lasted six weeks and were setup during lunch. Taste tests of up to five...Read more

  • Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools, Pigeon, MI

    When Cinamon Marker arrived to Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools as head cook, she was determined to increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria. Throughout the Fall semester, Ms. Marker orchestrated monthly taste tests funded through the Project Produce grant. ...Read more

  • Duluth Edison Charter Schools , Duluth, MN

    When Raleigh Academy, an elementary school of Duluth Edison Charter Schools, received their Project Produce grant in 2017, they launched their nutrition education programming called “Eat a Rainbow Everyday”. During the grant period, they offered taste tests to students at least once per month. After the students went through the...Read more

  • Pueblo City Schools , Pueblo, CO

    After seeing success in their district with both the Salad Bar to Schools grant and the USDA Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program, Pueblo City Schools sought to improve the fresh fruit and vegetable consumption at their four high schools. Through the Project Produce Grant, they created an initiative called “Try...Read more

  • North East School District , North East, PA

    North East School District in North East, PA got creative when trying to get students excited about eating new fruits and vegetables. At Davis Primary School, they came up with the idea of the “Friendship Fruit Salad.” Each variety of fresh fruit represented good qualities and actions, such as kindness...Read more

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