Conejo Valley Unified School District

The District

The School(s)

  • Glenwood Elementary School

    Age Group: K-5
    School Size: Medium (301-900)
    School Environment: Urban
    School F/R: 87%
    School ADP: 81%

The Project

  • Project Description

    Monthly Harvest Straight from Farm to School

    Glenwood Elementary hosted monthly “Harvest of the Month” tastings using produce purchased from local farmers. The program gave students the chance to taste six different vegetables and fruits: kale in January, oranges in February, broccoli in March, tangerines in April, strawberries in May, and avocados in June.

    During the tastings, the students also learned about the farmer, the history of the produce, how the produce is grown, and nutritional facts. By showcasing each farm and their produce, the school developed a close relationship to the farmers and the students made a personal connection, especially in months where the farmer visited the school.

    “The program helped the children understand the importance of eating healthy fresh fruits and vegetables,” explains Kelsea Cregut, School Nutrition Specialist. She adds that the biggest success was being able to impact all the school’s students on many levels. “We plan to continue to expand the Harvest of the Month program through 2017!”

  • Successes
    • Staff at Glenwood Elementary saw an increase in student interest and excitement regarding fruits and vegetables following the grant. 
    • Students ate more produce off the salad bar around the times when the tastings were held.
    • The program was such a success that the school plans to continue and expand the Harvest of the Month program through the next two school years. 
  • Challenges
    • The primary challenge that the school faced was staffing and finding enough people to work and prep for events.

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