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The District

The School(s)

  • Wichita County Schools

    Age Group: K-5, 6-8, 9-12
    School Size: Medium (301-900)
    School Environment: Urban
    School F/R: 59%
    School ADP: 88%

The Project

  • Project Description

    AIMing for Healthy Eating Proves A Popular Choice

    Wichita County Schools partnered with the county’s A.I.M. Health Coalition to support healthy habits. The “aim” of A.I.M. is to get county residents to Add more fruits and vegetables, Increase physical activity, and Minimize screen time.

    The schools presented a monthly "A.I.M. for a Rainbow" event throughout the school year. Each month featured fresh fruits or vegetables from one of five color groups. The green month featured three different kinds of apples, the orange month included three different kinds of oranges. Green, blue, and red months also highlighted the nutrition benefits of broccoli, blueberries, and red peppers.

    All students, from kindergarten through 12th grade, were encouraged to taste the samples during their lunch period. They were also taught the name of the food, what it looks like whole, and what nutrients it provides. Classroom teachers encouraged kids to wear the Rainbow color on event days.

    Tammy Simmons, registered dietitian consultant, appreciated the simplicity of the events: “It is a wonderful program, such a simple way to get new foods in front of kids and make the lunchroom more inviting,” she says. 

  • Successes
    • Introducing new foods to kids who always bring their own lunch was a huge success of these events. Those students initially thought they couldn't taste the fruits and vegetables because they weren't eating the school lunch, but once they found out they could, more students tasted and enjoyed the samples.
    • School staff wore bright rainbow colors and talked to students as they handed out samples.
  • Challenges
    • Lunchroom staff had limited time.
    • It was challenging to get the high schoolers to try new foods.

The Resources


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