South Hamilton Community School District

The District

The School(s)

  • South Hamilton Elementary School

    Age Group: K-5
    School Size: Medium (301-900)
    School Environment: Rural
    School F/R: 30%
    School ADP: 80%

The Project

  • Project Description

    Thinking Outside the (Lunch)Box Makes “Try Day Friday” a Success

    For “Try Day Fridays” South Hamilton Elementary provided their students with a sample cup of different fruits and vegetables every week thanks to the help of high school students who prepared the portions.

    Students from nearby South Hamilton High School that were enrolled in the food/consumer science class used the fruit and vegetable tastings as a learning experience. They prepared and portioned the fruits and vegetables, including ones that were difficult to prep such as pomegranates.

    Held during the school day, staff enjoyed the events as well and encouraged all of South Hamilton Elementary students to try the fruit and vegetable samples.

    The weekly events were a lot of additional work for Food Services Director Terri Cook, especially on weeks when she personally went to the local grocery store to purchase the items. Even so, Cook pronounces the Try Day Fridays a success.

    “We appreciate the opportunity that you gave us to introduce new items to our students. Several students in a follow up survey told me that they had purchased the Try Day Friday item at home to eat. I considered that a success. They bought something they would never have tried on their own.”

  • Successes
    • Students were very excited for “Try Day Fridays” and would ask the Food Service Director what they were going to have that week.
    • The students were open to new items and several students reported that they had purchased the “Try Day Friday” item to eat at home. 
  • Challenges
    • Getting the fruit and vegetables from the local grocery store proved to be a challenge as the Food Service Director had to go purchase the items on her own.
    • Utilizing the Food Consumer Science students was also a challenge because they needed to research the fruit and vegetables and how to best prepare them.
    • Some kids refused to even try certain fruits or vegetables.  

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