Trenton Special School District

The District

The School(s)

  • Trenton Elementary School

    Age Group: K-5
    School Size: Medium (301-900)
    School Environment: Town Remote
    School F/R: 72%
    School ADP: 76%

The Project

  • Project Description

    Tasty Colors Encourage Kids to Choose “Five a Day the Color Way”

    To encourage students to eat five or more servings of colorful fruits and vegetables every day, Trenton Elementary staff decided to offer samples of different fruits and veggies at a variety of events.

    All of the students were invited to sample from fruit trays during the school day. On the same day, samples were also offered to everyone who attended an after school Literacy Night. To make the event fun and memorable, school cheerleaders helped pass out the samples as well as provide nutrition information about the fruit to students and parents.

    On the heels of this successful start, Trenton Elementary decided to make every Tuesday and Thursday throughout November and December “Tasty” days.

    A different fruit or vegetable was spotlighted on each day, including kiwi, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges (halos), baby carrots, oranges, and gala apples. On the last serving day a goodie bag with fruit (kiwi and golden apples) was sent home with each child.

    The School Nutrition and Coordinated School Health departments partnered to provide information to the students about the health benefits of the particular fruits and vegetables.

    “Project Produce was an awesome opportunity to provide students with new fruit and vegetable choices and to open their horizons to a variety of options rather than the apple or banana,” explained Lisa Seiber, director of school nutrition.

  • Successes
    • Students were excited to try the fruit.
    • The school saw an increase in fruit consumption since the beginning of the year and they have less fruit that goes into the garbage can. 
  • Challenges
    • The main challenge Trenton faced was working out the delivery of the fruit to the students.

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