Troy Public Schools

The District

The School(s)

  • Troy Junior and Senior High School

    Age Group: 6-8, 9-12
    School Size: Small (Under 300)
    School Environment: Rural
    School F/R: 70%
    School ADP: 55%

The Project

  • Project Description

    Fruit and Vegetable Tastings Show Clear Winners








    Troy Junior and Senior High used a fruit and vegetable tasting in the cafeteria to encourage students to try something new, but also to poll students on their favorite choices. Once a quarter, students “voted” for their favorite new fruit or vegetable at the school salad bar by sampling a variety of new offerings.

    Food services staff prepared more of the favorite item and served it up as a fresh, healthy snack after school to all interested students. This snack proved to be very popular with students heading to extracurricular activities, and helped to keep them moving after the bell rang.

    Kris Newton, food services director and district coordinator for Project Produce, emphasized the importance of engaging district leadership in projects like these.

     “The Superintendent is 100 percent in favor of this. He is always involved and encourages the students to try all.”

  • Successes
    • Students were much more eager to try fresh fruits and vegetables than food service staff had originally anticipated.
  • Challenges
    • It was a challenge to keep food waste to a minimum in the cafeteria.

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