Rainbow Day Resources

Take advantage of the following resources and documents when planning your own Rainbow Days. You can tailor them to meet your event specifications.

  • Rainbow Days Guide (PDF): This downloadable copy includes all the information offered in the Rainbow Days section of the website.
  • Rainbow Days Letter to Administration: You’ll want to get permission to host your event in the cafeteria during lunch. While you’re at it, ask for support in marketing your tastings to the school community.
  • Rainbow Days Volunteer Outreach Letter: Distribute this letter through your PTA/PTO to enlist volunteers and to promote your event.
  • Sample Volunteer Guide: This guide sets the standard for your school food program by outlining responsibilities and expectations for your volunteers.
  • Rainbow Days Event Flyer: Add your event information to this printable flyer and hang it throughout your school and cafeteria leading up to the event.
  • Rainbow Days Ingredients List: Use this list to help plan a colorful variety of fruits and veggies for kids to choose from when making their "rainbows" at the salad bar. Includes Spanish translation.
  • I Made a Rainbow Sticker: Have stickers created using this "I Made a Rainbow" design. Give stickers to students as a reward for eating their full salad.

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