Case Study: USDA Farm to School Grant – 2014-15 Boulder Valley School District Food Services

  • October 14, 2015

Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) Food Services received a USDA farm to school grant in late 2013 and started implementation in 2014.  The primary focus of the grant project was on education and marketing. Its overarching goal was to develop a year-round educational/promotional program to increase student meal counts at breakfast and lunch and improve student acceptance and consumption of locally sourced foods as part of their meals.  This was accomplished through a multi-pronged approach that involved engaging many community stakeholders, food service team members, students, school administrators and teachers.  

Building gardens, teacher trainings and curriculum development, a community harvest festival, students visiting farms, farmers visiting students, local food tastings, harvest of the month, art contests, procurement system improvement for local food, a spring Farmers Market event and writing two manuals so others can learn how to accomplish these achievements also  ‒ Boulder went way beyond their own grant goals.

Read the case study "USDA Farm t oSchool Grant - 2014-15 Boulder Valley School District Food Services"


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