Welcome to The Lunch Box and thank you for wanting to learn more about this site, which is dedicated to supporting school districts and food service teams who are transitioning their food programs from processed foods to scratch cooking and fresh ingredients. 

The Lunch Box shares best practices from around the United States by building a network of school food changemakers. We have a wide range of in-depth tools and resources to help with menu creation, financial management, procurement, marketing, and engagement strategies. Enjoy free access to scalable and downloadable recipes, USDA-compliant menu cycles, procurement tools, financial calculators, implementation strategies, training tools, marketing materials, and much more.

Mission & History

Learn more about the mission and history of The Lunch Box, including many of the milestones that we've reached with the support of our incredible colleagues, staff, advocates, and sponsors.

Advisory Board

Meet our advisors who enhance the diversity of support that we can provide schools, districts, and food service teams across our country. These hands-on experts are solving unique problems related to school food reform throughout the United States. 

Supporting Research

Read significant research and case studies that outline the benefits of healthy school food programs. These resources can be especially helpful when discussing school food changes with school district administration and community stakeholders.

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Browse through some of our most frequently asked questions. You can also submit a question using our online form and we'll get back to you with an answer very soon.

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