Lunchroom Education


Engaging students in lunchroom tastings helps introduce them to new and healthy items on your menus or salad bars. Hosting tasting activities in your lunchroom can expand students' palates and increase their participation in the lunch program. This section covers: 

Rainbow Days

A Rainbow Day is a great way to get your students acclimated to the salad bar in your cafeteria. It also introduces the concept of eating a plate full of colorful fruits and vegetables. This section covers:

Chef Demonstrations

The smells, sounds, and visual appeal of cooking can make your cafeteria come alive. Chef demos offer an interactive experience that is appropriate for all age groups. It is an especially useful tool for engaging secondary students in school lunch participation. This section covers:

Art Contests

Connecting your school food program to the classroom increases food literacy among students. Art contests are an especially easy way to work with teachers. This section covers:

Junior Chef Competitions

Hosting a junior chef competition in your school district is an innovative way to increase student participation in your school food program.The junior chef competition model allows students to contribute to their school lunch menu while learning more about how the National School Lunch Program actually operates. This section covers:

Farm to School

Planting gardens, visiting farms, and using locally grown ingredients is just the beginning of what Farm to School (F2S) means. Kids learn about what goes into producing the food that they eat each day and the community benefits from school districts purchasing local produce.

Fruit and Vegetable Education

Project Produce is a fruit and veggie granting program designed to create experiential nutrition education when and where students make their food choices: in the cafeteria. The program provides $2,000 to support food costs to incorporate school-wide fruit and vegetable tastings into the school's nutrition program for one year. This database collects best practices, project descriptions, successes and challenges from Project Produce grantees. 

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