Menu Cycles

The menu cycles are comprised of six-week lunch and one- and two-week breakfast cycles depending on the age group. You can download information including: USDA certification worksheets for each cycle week, nutrient analysis by day, and cycle and menu cost information (based on Boulder’s current pricing).

Breakfast is offered as a regular two-week cafeteria service model for K-5, and one-week cycles for K-8, 6-8, and 9-12 age groups as well as a two-week classroom model for K-5. The breakfast menus in Boulder are based on ready-to-eat foods, some of which Boulder has worked closely with local companies to develop, like their burritos, muffins, and bagels. In Boulder, this type of breakfast menu is most compatible with their demographic and labor model.

We do have a handful of scratch cooked breakfast items in our Recipes database that you may want to incorporate into your menu cycles. Lunch, like breakfast is offered for all age groups. The cycles are six-week cycles and are based on Boulder’s current menu cycles with the exception of some custom prepared foods that are not available nationwide.




Pre-K Lunch

K - 5


K5 Breakfast in Classroom

K5 Cafeteria Breakfast

K - 8


K8 Cafeteria Breakfast

6 - 8


6-8 Cafeteria Breakfast

9 - 12


9-12 Cafeteria Breakfast



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We hope to hear from our users and look forward to adding your scratch recipes and successful menu cycles to The Lunch Box database so that we can share your expertise and expand our school food community.

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