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Creative Marketing Sparks Salad Bar Popularity


Kristen Mcguan’s creative spirit shines through the East Grand School District salad bar program where she has been Food Service...

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School Food Institute chosen in acclaimed program

Chef Ann Foundation working with FS6, a food-system focused accelerator program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BOULDER, COLORADO (February 21, 2019) — The Chef Ann Foundation is excited to announce its participation in the...

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Curious about how to get more plant-based meals into your school? Curious about WHY we need more plant-based school lunches? Learn why and how and get all your questions answered on our Plant Forward pages

Check out all the Plant Forward recipes available on The Lunch Box and get them added to your menus, or use one of our Menu Cycles to get more plant-based meals into your school while maintaining nutritional standards. 

Supporting Research

Emerging Cancer Trends Among Young Adults in the USA: Analysis of a Population-Based Cancer Registry

In order to better understand cancer trends among different age groups, researchers studied age-specific contemporary incidence trends for 30 common cancers, including...Read more

Project Produce: Case Studies from the Field

As a food ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Lindsey Shifley brought personal passion to the Project Produce grant programming at West Oak Middle School. Learn More