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Why Real Food Matters to Me

Writer and blogger Georgina Rupp on the importance of Real Food in today's world

By Georgina Rupp“Couscous” was one of my earliest words, or so I am told. While I cannot confirm this...

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The Renegade Lunch Lady Celebrates her 65th Birthday

Slowing down? Not a chance.

Chef Ann Cooper hasn’t changed her tune much in the last 20 years. She still firmly believes that school lunches...

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Curious about how to get more plant-based meals into your school? Curious about WHY we need more plant-based school lunches? Learn why and how and get all your questions answered on our Plant Forward pages

Check out all the Plant Forward recipes available on The Lunch Box and get them added to your menus, or use one of our Menu Cycles to get more plant-based meals into your school while maintaining nutritional standards. 

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Scaling up Healthy, Climate-Friendly School Food: Strategies for Success

A new, first-of-its-kind report spotlights a growing movement of pioneering school districts using their massive purchasing power to provide plant-forward, climate-friendly food...Read more

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