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Mission Nutrition Grant Comes to Fruition

Announcing Our First Round of Grant Recipients

   In 2014, Skoop and the Chef Ann Foundation teamed up to launch Mission Nutrition: Fruit and Veggie Grants...

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Laying it on the Line

Vegetable and Fruit Placement for your Salad Bar

In our last blog we discussed salad bar location ‒ where it’s placed within the lunchroom. Before the hot...

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Research and Case Studies

Eating Our Peas & Carrots

In this report, School Food Focus has provided the backdrop to study K-12 school food supply chain growth and...Read more

Ask Ann a Question

Ask Ann a Question

How do you feel about selling a la carte items? Can it make a food program more financially viable?

Many food service departments rely on revenue from selling a la carte foods. However, as you increase your investment in facilities, training, and procurement improvements to offer fresh scratch-cooked meals, we recommend actively reducing your department’s reliance on a la carte sales. Marketing your new and improved reimbursable meal choices will produce the meal counts that you need for a healthy food service fund.

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