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Chipotle’s RAD Lands Partners with the Chef Ann Foundation

The new children’s show is teaching kids how to make healthy eating choices while improving school food at the same time.

We all know that junk food companies have been heavy handed in their efforts to market directly to kids. It’s...

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School Food Support Initiative Brings 7 Districts to the Table

Announcing the Second Round of Grant Recipients

Serving children scratch-cooked meals allows districts to offer healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch, but it’s not always an easy...

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Host a Junior Chef Competition

Hosting a junior chef competition in your school district is an innovative way to increase student participation in your school food program. The competition is appropriate for both elementary and secondary level contestants. You can also involve the local community to engage more stakeholders. 

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School Meal Programs Innovate to Improve Student Nutrition

Studies of schools in three states—Connecticut, Texas, and Washington—show that under the updated USDA nutrition standards, children's eating habits are...Read more

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