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Program Success for Wyoming School District

Salad bar program offers fresh fruit & veggies for students, teachers, and parents alike

By Georgina Rupp  “You cannot teach a hungry child.”These were the words that Salad Bars To Schools grantee Dawndrea...

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Become a Member Today & Impact Children’s Health for a Lifetime


We’re celebrating so many achievements for our 10-year anniversary, and that includes celebrating people dedicated to our mission. We’ve been...

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Curious about how to get more plant-based meals into your school? Curious about WHY we need more plant-based school lunches? Learn why and how and get all your questions answered on our Plant Forward pages

Check out all the Plant Forward recipes available on The Lunch Box and get them added to your menus, or use one of our Menu Cycles to get more plant-based meals into your school while maintaining nutritional standards. 

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Implementing School-Based Policies to Prevent Obesity: Cluster Randomized Trial

Healthy school environments and wellness policies are often included as crucial components of a successful meal program and healthier students. A recent Read more

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