By offering universal breakfast after the bell to all students, we can reduce the severe negative impact of hunger on school age children across the country. Here you will find information on everything from case studies to best practices for implementing Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC), Grab ’n Go, Breakfast Break, and other alternative breakfast solutions.

Why School Breakfast?

With over 17 million households classified as food insecure, guaranteed access to breakfast at school is a real—and proven—solution to combating hunger and providing our most vulnerable population a pathway to academic success and a healthy future. This section covers:

Getting Started

It is important to collect baseline data when evaluating any type of change in your department’s services to the district. Breakfast can impact various areas of your operation depending on the size of the district, number of schools, bell schedules, operational model, facilities, equipment at each school site, and procurement methods. This section covers:

Breakfast Operations

Your breakfast success hinges on creating efficiency through standard operating procedures, menu cycles, as well as staff training in breakfast systems and procedures as well as why breakfast is important. The ability to deliver a cohesive organized breakfast plan to the decision makers in your district is imperative to success. This section covers:

Stakeholder Awareness

Whether you are introducing breakfast for the first time in your district, want to expand it as a traditional cafeteria model, or plan to implement an alternative breakfast model, engaging the school community in the process is essential. This section covers:

Preparing to Launch

Once the feasibility, assessment, planning, and communication are completed, “the launch” is the final step of the process. The school teams may be anxious to get started, but to ensure success, your roll-out schedule should match your ability to adequately support each school.

Program Evaluation

A key part of expansion and change in food service programs is evaluation. Through research, breakfast has shown to improve student performance and attendance, as well as reduce tardiness and disciplinary problems. Tracking these statistics will be very useful in garnering continued support for your program. 

Breakfast Tools & Resources

Here are all of the tools and resources from this section in one convenient place.

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