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Assessment Tool Breakfast Assessment Tool Excel

The Breakfast Assessment Tool can compile all the key school site information needed to plan alternative breakfast. This data collection, combined with fiscal impact analysis, will support the food services department in creating an implementation plan.

Fiscal, Budget Breakfast District-Wide Calculator Excel This calculator will assist in analyzing the feasibility of expansion for your district. You can build “what if?” scenarios for your district by setting up presumptions of participation based on the planned breakfast models at each of the schools in your district. The calculator will then extrapolate the revenue and expense for you.
Fiscal, Budget Breakfast Site Calculator Excel This calculator will assist in analyzing feasibility for a single site. We then recommend that you expand the analysis across the district for a full fiscal "what if?" scenario.
Fiscal, Labor Meals Per Labor Hour Worksheet Excel The impact that breakfast expansion will have on your current labor model will vary depending upon your current operational model, the breakfast service model selected, bell schedules, service hours, and historical labor assignments at the sites. Our Meals Per Labor Hour Worksheet is a useful tool for understanding your labor baseline.
Guide Alternative Breakfast Equipment Guide PDF This guide describes some of the most common smallwares and equipment used in alternative breakfast models. It can also assist in defining what will work best in your school buildings.
Letter Template Breakfast Pre-Launch Parent Letter Template Word Marketing your breakfast program requires stakeholder awareness and outreach. This letter can be customized for use in your district.
Posters and Signs Breakfast Recycle Bin Sign Word Procedures for handling trash in classroom breakfast need to be customized by school site. Many schools recycle when possible. This sign can be customized for your use.
SOP Breakfast Accountability Procedures PDF This document defines the most common meal counting procedures used for the alternative breakfast models.
SOP Breakfast Plan for the School Team Word This is an excellent example of how a school principal communicated with her school team about how the classroom breakfast launch would be handled with regard to the morning routine. Use this to inspire your own plan.



Source Name  Description
Chicago Public Schools Nutrition Services Chicago Public Schools Policy Manual - Breakfast in the Classroom An example of a district-based policy for classroom breakfast.
Dallas Dotter Breakfast at the Desk: The Impact of Universal Breakfast Programs on Academic Performance, 2012 A study using a sample of San Diego Unified elementary students receiving universal classroom breakfast to determine impact on academic performance. Study was funded with support from the Spencer Foundation.
FRAC Breakfast for Learning, 2016 This document summarizes all of the key research points concerning breakfast and academic performance.
FRAC Breakfast How-To Webinar Series 2013 FRAC's excellent breakfast webinar series presentations range from the "Why?" to the nuts and bolts of getting your programs off the ground. 
FRAC Instructional Time Fact Sheet, 2010 This fact sheet for policy change supports that the time breakfast is served and consumed in the classroom should count as "instructional time." A glossary is included.
FRAC School Breakfast - Making it Work in Large Districts 2012-13 This report examines the performance of school breakfast programs in 63 large urban and suburban school districts during the 2012–2013 school year, with the goal of monitoring their progress of increasing school breakfast participation among low-income students. 
FRAC School Breakfast Scorecard - SY 2017-18 This report, prepared annually by Food Research and Action Center, reviews the breakfast participation across the country by state and student eligibility.
FRAC Start the Day Ready to Learn with Breakfast in the Classroom, 2013 In this report, principals in schools that serve universal classroom breakfast share their insights, success, and experiences with breakfast after the bell.
Gretchen Swanson Center for Nutrition Healthy Breakfast for Kids Evaluation Report An evaluation of the progress and outcomes of 117 schools that received alternative breakfast equipment grants from the Food Family Farming Foundation in 2013.
Kaiser Permanente and The Maryland Partnership to End Childhood Hunger First Class Breakfast in Maryland: A Guide to Expanding School Breakfast This toolkit is designed for stakeholders who want a healthy breakfast through alternative serving models. Appropriate for principals and food service directors, there is information to help enlist key decision makers in supporting alternative breakfast expansion. The toolkit also showcases breakfast delivery models from around Maryland.
Los Angeles Unified School District  Breakfast in the Classroom FAQ LAUSD has created a great FAQ about classroom breakfast as a key communication and marketing tool in the district.
NEA Health Information Network School Breakfast Toolkit, 2018 This toolkit covers the definitions and frequently asked questions about establishing classroom breakfast. An excellent resource for educating stakeholders.
New Mexico Public Education Department Student Nutrition Association Breakfast in the Classroom, A Quick Guide for Teachers, 2011 This straightforward guide is designed specifically for teachers, and explains methodology for working with and supporting classroom breakfast. The guide includes FAQs.
No Kid Hungry Ending Childhood Hunger: A Social Impact Analysis - School Breakfast White Paper This white paper explores the hurdles of childhood hunger and the key pathways to overcome the condition.
Dallas Independent School District  Breakfast in the Classroom, A Case Study, Dallas Independent Schools This study tracks the implementation process of breakfast in the classroom and other alternative breakfast models in the Dallas Public Schools.
The Hunger Center Exploratory Assessment of High School Breakfast Programs in Milwaukee Public Schools 2006-07 One of the few studies performed specifically on the high school age group, this report reviews the breakfast habits and potential changes in Milwaukee. Note: The date of the report may relay meal regulations that are now out of date, but the study is still pertinent with regard to managing high school breakfast programs.
USDA Breakfast Program Evaluation Guide Once you've launched your program, evaluating will help you communicate results to your stakeholders and also gather information that can be used for program sustainability and improvement.
USDA School Breakfast Program website resources The USDA's School Breakfast Program website is stocked full of tools and resources.  Their marketing tools are vast, detailed, and can all be customized for your use.
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction School Nutrition Team Sample Breakfast Standard Operating Procedure Developing standard operating procedures for your breakfast program is essential. Depending on the model used at different school buildings, you may need to edit your SOPs accordingly. This example, from Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, is editable and can be adapted for use in any school.




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