Improved Nutrition in U.S. Secondary Schools through NSLP

  • August 03, 2015

Significantly more secondary school students attended schools with healthier lunches in the spring of 2013, the first year of updated school meal nutrition standards, than did two years earlier, according to this study published recently by University of Michigan researcheers in Preventive Medicine. The study also found that, prior to the national standards, students in predominantly white schools and large schools were far more likely than those in more diverse and small schools to have access to healthier lunches, but that after the first year of the national standards many of those differences were no longer significant. This summary, provided by Bridging the Gap, provides a good overview of the study's findings. 

Read the summary of: "Foods and beverages offered in US public secondary schools through the National School Lunch Program from 2011–2013: Early evidence of improved nutrition and reduced disparities"

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