Recipe Source: WSS
  • 98
  • 6
  • Serving Measure: OUNCES
  • Standard Yield: Scale Recipe Reset
  • Serving Description: 6 OZ WEIGHT OR 3/8 CUP VOLUME
  • Nutrition Link: 80275
  • Food Category: Legumes and Legume Products
  • HACCP Process Category: SameDay


Sequence Item ID Item Description Amount 1 Measure 1 +/- Amount 2 Measure 2 Total Grams

Recipe Instructions

  • Pre-Preparation Instructions:

    Recipe Source: Washington State Schools "Scratch Cooking" Recipe Book

    Drained canned chickpeas yield: 65%
    Cooked onion yields: 78%
    Cooked bell peppers yield: 73%
    Drained diced tomatoes yield: 66%

  • Preparation Instructions:

    Mince garlic. Dice onions and peppers.
    Drain chickpeas.
    Heat oil, add garlic and cook for 30 seconds.
    Add onions, peppers, and salt. Cook until soft.
    Add pepper and curry powder.
    Add water and bring to a boil.
    Reduce heat, stir in chickpeas and tomatoes and cook for 20 minutes.

  • Serving Instructions:

Food Groups/Meal Patterns

Fruits: 0 Vegetables Total: 0.375 Meat/Meat Alternative: 1.75 Calories: 149.29
Dark Green: 0 Milk: 0 Sat. Fat: 2.85%
Red Orange: 0 Grains: 0 Sodium: 477.69
Legumes: 0.375
Starchy: 0
Other: 0
Additional: 0

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