Recipe Source: LW
  • 100
  • 1/2
  • Serving Measure: CUP
  • Standard Yield: Scale Recipe Reset
  • Serving Description: 1/2 CUP
  • Nutrition Link: 80378
  • Food Category: Beef
  • HACCP Process Category: Complex


Sequence Item ID Item Description Amount 1 Measure 1 +/- Amount 2 Measure 2 Total Grams

Recipe Instructions

  • Pre-Preparation Instructions:

    Recipe source: Live Well

    85% lean fresh ground beef yields 75%

    4 hotel pans per 100 servings

  • Preparation Instructions:

    For the lentil puree:
    1. Place the lentils on a sheet pan to quickly sort through them for any rocks. Place into a colander and rinse well.
    2. In a stockpot, place the lentils, water, and seasonings (listed before ground beef on ingredient list) together and mix well. Bring to simmer and allow to cook for 30-45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
    3. Once lentils are tender, blend well using an immersion blender. Keep hot if adding taco meat. Otherwise, cool rapidly to below 41 degrees F and place 1 qt of puree into freezer bags per 50 servings.

    For the taco meat:
    1. Brown ground beef in tilt skillet or large stockpot. Drain fat.
    2. Add tomato paste, water, lentils, and spices (listed below ground beef on ingredient list). Mix well.
    3. Add the lentil puree and mix well.
    4. Cover and allow to simmer over med-low heat for at least 1 hour or until lentils are tender and mixture reaches 165 degrees F.
    5. Taste and adjust seasonings (outside of salt). Keep above 135 degrees F for service.

  • Serving Instructions:

Food Groups/Meal Patterns

Fruits: 0 Vegetables Total: 0.125 Meat/Meat Alternative: 1.5 Calories: 113.92
Dark Green: 0 Milk: 0 Sat. Fat: 15.92%
Red Orange: 0.125 Grains: 0 Sodium: 228.98
Legumes: 0
Starchy: 0
Other: 0
Additional: 0

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