Recipe Source: COOKB
  • 24
  • 8
  • Serving Measure: OZ
  • Standard Yield: Scale Recipe Reset
  • Serving Description: SVG (8 OZ)
  • Nutrition Link: 80287
  • Food Category: Chicken
  • HACCP Process Category: Complex


Sequence Item ID Item Description Amount 1 Measure 1 +/- Amount 2 Measure 2 Total Grams

Recipe Instructions

  • Pre-Preparation Instructions:

    Yield Factors -
    Onion yield = 78%.
    Green Pepper yield = 73%.
    Red Pepper yield = 73%.
    Cheese in recipe will be served at satellite, OVS.
    Thaw fajita chicken meat under refrigeration.

    Heat oil in tilt skillet over medium high heat in batches if needed.
    Add onions and cook about 7 minutes or until just slightly colored. Turn off heat.
    Add bell peppers, cumin, salt and pepper. Once incorporated together, move to another vessel.
    Cool vegetables according to HACCP SOP.

  • Preparation Instructions:

    Add 5.4# chicken per pan. Add 7.6# of veggies, draining off as you go. Use your hands to scoop veggies out of liquid, so that when finished you will have a large quantity of liquid remaining.
    Transfer to 2.5-inch hotel pans. Total weight in pan for 24 sec servings is 13#.
    Cover with parchment paper and foil. Label, date, keep under refrigeration until transport.

  • Serving Instructions:

    Keep product in cooler until morning of service.
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
    Reheat covered, until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.
    Hold hot for service according to HACCP SOP.
    Pull tortilla out of cooler and warm to room temperature. You may heat them gently in warmer, but do not do too far in advance or they will harden.

    Using slotted 8 oz spoodle, place 8 oz volume of fajita on plate. Place 1 warm, folded tortilla next to fajita mix. Top fajita mix with 1 ounce cheddar cheese if customer would like.

    4.5 MMA with cheese
    2 G

Food Groups/Meal Patterns

Fruits: 0 Vegetables Total: 1.5 Meat/Meat Alternative: 4.5 Calories: 519.38
Dark Green: 0 Milk: 0 Sat. Fat: 6.44%
Red Orange: 0.5 Grains: 2 Sodium: 1367.63
Legumes: 0
Starchy: 0
Other: 1
Additional: 0

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